Giraffe Spark

Mental Health Peer Support Group

ADHD Cohort

ADHD is NOT a superpower for everyone.

You are not alone.

I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, and it has been a learning experience ever since. I subscribe to ADHD and Mental Health magazines, read books, attend webinars, and listen to podcasts.

  • We are not all the same.
  • Certain medications and tools will work differently (or not at all) for each of us.
  • We all can benefit from community.
  • Talking and sharing our stories helps!
  • We are often too hard on ourselves, and sometimes today was just a bad day; tomorrow can be better.

Join Our Weekly Cohort

We meet Mondays at 11am ET on video chat for 30 minutes to set our intentions for the week and support one another.

A Productivity Mini Course

Living with ADHD can often feel like you’re navigating through a constant fog of distractions and disruptions. But what if you could turn that around and channel your unique energy into productivity and focus? That’s exactly what our “From Distracted to Directed” mini course is all about!